Top Efficient Generator Brands in Nigeria

(Best Seller) Nigeria is a great country with a lot of power issues and that is why majority of individuals and families opt out to search for the best-solar-inverters-to-buy-power-house as the solar energy is becoming the alternative source of power these days, but in this post we will be discussing about the top efficient generators in Nigeria as people are still getting to understand the use of solar inverters and solar energy in general.

For the most part of the time, close to three decades and counting the generators have replaced the power sector for the people. we can dare to say the generators are reliable power source most of the times “just kidding” but its true and the noise of these machines as most Nigerians will say “Na wa’ o”.

Top Efficient Generator Brands in Nigeria

Over the years, i have found out that some of these generator brands don’t live up to the hype and expectations as their models tend to fall apart over the long term of use. Also, some brands tend to consume more fuel, which could cost you a lot more in the long run. That is why it is important to consider a brand’s reputation before deciding to purchase any model of Generator.

Generators are the popular alternative power supply choice of most Nigerians for over a long time now this is due to the erratic power supply problem facing the country for decades. They are quite popular due to their affordability, reliability, low maintenance cost, and capacities.


The post accommodates Generator brands which produces fuel-efficient generators.  And also, Generator company brands which produces generators that run on either fuel or diesel. You can also see the top best generator brands that produces industrial-grade 9KVA – 3000KVA generators and portable 0.65KVA – 8KVA generators.

Top Generator companies(Brands) in Nigeria

    • Mikano
    • Perkins
    • Kipor
    • FG Wilson
    • Honda
    • Tiger
    • Sumec Firman
    • Elepaq
    • Thermocool
    • Elemax
    • Lutian


Sumec Firman is a popular generator brand in the Nigerian market producing generators with power capacities from 0.9KVA to 9KVA.


Top Efficient Generator Brands in Nigeria 


When you talk of quality and competence Haier Thermocool generators take the first position. Thermocool brand of generators are known to be effective, fuel efficient, and durable – which is what you should expect for a high-quality generator.

They come with cool features like a button starter instead of the recoil starters or key starter option starter, tyres for mobility, and commendable after-sales support service.


Tiger Company brand produces the most portable and efficient cheap generators which makes it a popular choice in many Nigerian homes. Tiger generators are not just durable, they produce for the masses more than other generator brands. You could get a 0.80KVA Tiger generator for N25,000 – N28,000, which is a far cry from the price tag of models of the same power rating among other generator brands.


Honda Generators are part of the most efficient and effective generators. Having being produced with high-quality materials and powered by advanced 4-stroke engines which makes them very durable and fuel efficient.  Honda Generators start at a capacity of 0.45KVA to 8KVA. Their main selling point is that they are quite expensive compared to other brands. You might expect that from a brand of such quality.


Top Efficient Generator Brands in Nigeria 

Elepaq generator

Tiger generators and Elepaq generators are quite similar this is because they are both affordable and they last on the long term.  Elepaq produces generators with power capacities from 1.3KVA to 10KVA.

They are very efficient and durable, quite cheap and easy to maintain and this brand powers to standard.


Elemax is a widely popular generator brand which produces portable generators. But their generator power capacities start at 2KVA. Just like Honda and Thermocool generators, they are durable and their fuel use is quite suitable for long hours of use. You may encounter problems with their high prices as they produce one of the most expensive generating sets in the Nigerian market today.  Elemax also produces heavy-duty generators with capacities of 14KVA and 20KVA; these generators run on diesel and are suitable for big organizations and factories.


Lutian is quite a new brand on the market but is gaining ground and popularity fast. This might be due to its durability. The generator brand has been compared to other high-quality brands like Thermocool and Sumec Firman and appeared to have one major advantage over these other brands, which is that it is  cheaper than most generator brands.


Top Efficient Generator Brands in Nigeria 


Mikano company is one of the top generator brands that produce heavy-duty generators. The generators run on diesel and are cost-effective as they are durable.   The company produces open-type and soundproof generators to suit every customers need. They also have a renting warehouse, where you can rent heavy-duty generators for events and activities.  Mikano generators start at 9KVA to 800KVA. They offer one of the best after-sales support service offering technical support, maintenance, servicing and sales of spare parts to all customers who buy directly from their office.


Kipor is another popular heavy-duty generator brand. Just like Mikano generators, Kipor generators run on diesel, which is more efficient as it burns slower than fuel. It is a new brand in the market and it is one of the best among Generators.


Perkins is another popular top-quality generator brand on the market. However, you can hardly find a Perkins generator in Nigeria as they mainly produce parts for other generator brands. They produce some heavy-duty generators from 20KVA to 250KVA.


FG Wilson might not be one of the most popular heavy-duty generator brands today but it is one of the most efficient, durable and effective heavy-duty generator brands that offer you great value for your money. I mean the best buy for your home use FG WILSON is the best among many.


A Generator can be purchased from anywhere in the country, You have to be extra careful to prevent buying counterfeit or fake models of generators often sold in some market places. You can purchase a generator made by a particular brand by simply visiting any of their offices in Nigeria. However, some brands don’t have an office here in Nigeria and this means you have to buy from generator distributors and retailers instead. New generators can be purchased from e-commerce sites also sites like Jumia and Konga, meanwhile, you will  have to be careful when buying from these sites. Always take note of the return policy in case of a faulty or wrong model and take note of the warranty.

I will not recommend anyone to purchase a used generator that is just being penny wise pound foolish. purchasing of used generators is just like pouring water into a basket. of course we do know that a basket cant hold water in any way, so does a used generator can’t last you for more than 2 months and “boom” you start spending on repairs till you spend almost an equivalent of what it takes to purchase a quality Generator set.

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