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Apple is notorious for safeguarding its ecosystem of devices from third-party interlopers. This means when your phone is damaged, you can only go back to Apple for repair, providing your iPhone has a warranty. To ensure you indeed qualify for it, there are several ways to check. First, keep in mind that user-caused damage, one that is obvious, such as a cracked screen or casing, will not be covered by the warranty. Here is how to check your iPhone’s warranty status.

Access Warranty Status on the iPhone Itself

If your iPhone is still in working order enough to complete this verification, here are the steps to follow:

1. Launch your Settings app.

2. Tap on the “General” section.

Settings Page Ios 1

3. Tap the “About” section.

4. Your warranty data should be under the iPhone’s “Serial Number.”

Coverage Page Ios

This page may be called either “Limited Warranty” (with an expiration date) or “Coverage Expired.” Tapping on it, enter the “Coverage” to see more detailed information. If it is still covered, you should have a warranty for hardware in addition to technical support. If not, there will only be info on where you can get support for your phone via Apple’s Support app.

Access Your Apple Support App to Check for Warranty

If your iPhone is too far gone to check the warranty status directly, you can log in to your Apple account. For theft-tracking purposes and general support, Apple keeps a record of the phone linked to your account.

If you have another device connected to your Apple account, you can check the warranty status directly via Apple’s Support app or support portal. Sign in with your Apple ID.

1. Launch the Support app on your other iPhone or iPad.

2. Here you will see a list of all the devices linked to your Apple ID.

3. Under the “My Devices” section, tap on the device you want to check for warranty details.

4. Tap on “Device Details.”

Warranty Support App

You will have the option to tweak your AppleCare coverage here. “Limited Warranty” will have an expiration date and AppleCare upgrade option, while “Coverage Expired” will point you to Apple’s service center.

Checking Your iPhone’s Warranty Status via Serial Number

If neither of the two options above apply, you are left with the old-school way – matching your phone’s serial number. There are several ways you can get it:

1. Your phone’s original packaging will contain the serial number under its model number. It will say “Serial: …”.

2. The iPhone SIM tray will have an IMEI/MEID number that can serve as a serial number.

3. Assuming the iPhone is still detectable, by connecting it to a Mac device, the Finder app can see its serial number. If connected to a PC, it will be visible in iTunes.

With the serial number in hand, go to Apple’s coverage page, enter it into the text bar and fill out the captcha. This is handy if you have lost your Apple ID so that you can still check your phone’s warranty without it.


After you click “Continue,” the “Your Service and Support Coverage” page will load, showing a number of clauses:

  • Is the purchase date valid?
  • Does it support technical support coverage via telephone?
  • Is the coverage for repairs active?
  • Is it covered by AppleCare?

Depending on whether you have green checkmarks or red crosses for each clause, you will see which coverage applies to your iPhone.

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