Boxer Series UPS Specifications & Distributor Contact in Nigeria box

The Boxer series 10 – 1000 KVA with 3.3phase UPS are mostly used for elevators and other regenerative industrial loads. This UPS comes with an IGBT PWM rectifier and inverter technology with low input current THD (<3%) making up a high input power factor (>0.99).

Boxer Series UPS Specifications & Distributor Contact in Nigeria box

The Boxer series high input power leads to reduced electricity pay-out, minimizes cable, switchboard, fuse and generator requirements, thus reducing investment cost. Low input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) less than 3% helps to avoid the disturbance and expensive harmonic filters. Small footprint and easy maintenance.

This series 10 – 1000KVA is equipped with it’s new IGBT rectifier enables the boxer series to keep critical loads protected while it’s space saving compact design and front access for maintenance successfully reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Now thanks to the wide variety of accessories and options boxer series presents maximum flexibility advantage to users and optimizes total cost of ownership. Under the makelsan uninterruptible power supply.

Boxer 10-120 KVA 3.3phase 10 – 30 KVA Specifications in Nigeria


  • Capacity : 10KVA , 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 40KVA, 60kVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA
  • Power Watt : 9KW, 13.5KW, 18KW, 27KW, 36KW, 54KW, 72KW, 90KW


  • Nominal Voltage : 380/400/415 VAC 3p+N (Optional 220/380 VAC-37% +22% 3P + N + PE)
  • Voltage Tolerance : -20% + 15%
  • Frequency Tolerance : 50-60 Hz + 10% (selectable)
  • Power Factor : >0.99
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : THDi <%3


  • Power Factor : 0.9
  • Nominal Voltage : 380/400/415 VAC 3 P+N
  • Voltage Tolerance : static, dynamic 3
  • Frequency Tolerance : 50-60 Hz + 0.01% (Battery mode)
  • Output THD : Linear load <1% non linear load <3%
  • Crest Factor : 3:1
  • Efficiency (Online mode) : up to 93%
  • Efficiency (Eco mode) : up to 99%


  • Nominal Voltage : 380/400/415 VAC 3 P+N
  • Voltage Tolerance : 15% (configurable from 10% to 30%)
  • Frequency Tolerance : +5 (selectable)


  • Type : VRLA/GEL
  • Quantity (12V Dc VRLA) : 62
  • Change Capacity : 25% of Active power (nominal 0,1,c10 Adjustable)
  • Recharge Time : 6-8hours
  • Internal Battery : 62 x 7Ah or 9Ah with an external battery pack


  • Full Protection : Overload, short circuit ve Battery charge – Discharge protection, RFI/EMI filtre,IP20

System Features

  • Charge Current : Smart Charging System
  • Over Temperature : Line Mode : Turn to Bypass : Back up mode
  • Intelligent Alarm System : Line Failure, low battery, Overload System Failure


  • Communication Interface : USB, RS232, Rs485, parallel Port, Dry Contact, Smart Port, SNMP Card
  • Software : Muser4000 Software
  • Emergency Power Off : Dry Contact

Boxer Power Pack SE Series 1-10KVA 1:1 Phase

Boxer Series UPS Specifications & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Power Pack SE series features a high frequency double conversion “on line” technology with a microprocessor controlled digital design that is precise, reliable and it makes use of DSP control.

So including a wide input frequency and voltage range (100-300V) and an active harmonic correction that is at a <3% range, the input power factor correction pulls out an output power 0.9.

Most Output voltage are selectable from LCD display and they come with intelligent battery charger design for optimal battery performance fully wrapped with an excellent generator compatibility. The power pack has a USB to SNMP communication port with RS232 which is also optional if chosen.

Another key feature is the overload, short circuit and battery deep discharge protection which has an efficient automatic battery charging in closed mode and this produces an ECO mode for high energy saving.

Also coming out of the box is a load sensitive smart fan control, with an intelligent solution focused alarm system, a low-high voltage protection an output transfer time and an isolation transformer which is optional too. There is battery additional feeding time, DC start, Cold start and N x X redundancy parallel feature for the power pack SE series.

Power Pack SE Series 6-10 KVA 1.1 Phase Specifications in Nigeria


  • Power Watt : 6KVA /5400W — 10KVA / 9000W


  • Related Voltage : 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240VAC
  • Voltage Range : HalfLoad (110-300) +5 VAC, Full load (160-300) +5 VAC
  • Frequency : 40-70 Hz (Auto Sensing)
  • Power Factor : >0.99
  • Bypass Voltage Range : 160V – Rated Output Voltage +32V


  • Voltage Range : 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240VAC (settings available via LCD)
  • Voltage Regulation : +1%
  • Frequency : 45-55Hz synchronized range 50/60 Hz + 0.1 Hz (Battery Mode)
  • Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
  • Crest factor : 3:1
  • Harmonic Distortion : 2% linear mode 5% (Non-linear mode)
  • Transfer Time : Ac mode to Battery Mode / Inverter mode to Bypass Mode
  • Overload Capability : 125% -150% transfer to bypass after 30sec


  • AC Mode : >92%
  • ECO Mode : >98%


  • DC Voltage : 192V -240V
  • inbuilt Battery : 16-20 x 7-9ah
  • Charge Current : Long time model : 1A/3.5A/ 7A
  • Typical Recharge Time : 8 hours Recover to 90% Capacity


  • Net Weight : 64:1
  • Gross Weight : 72.2
  • Dimensions WxDxH (mm) : 262 x 650 x 735
Boxer Series UPS Specifications & Distributor Contact in Nigeria

Boxer S Series 10/15/20 KVA 3.3 Phase

The Boxer S Series 10/15/20 KVA 3.3phase features a high frequency and trouble double -conversion with DSP(digital signal processors) technology. The input power factor correction is paired with the wide input voltage range (110-300V), it has an output power factor 0.9 including cold start and an auto sensing frequency.

These S series comes out of the box manufactured with ECO mode operation for energy saving while, it makes use of a selectable output voltage via LCD. There is power on self test and advanced battery management also added to the pair machine is the short circuit and over load protection.

Boxer’s Series has a VFI UPS ONLINE type tower and a PF=0.9 power factor with plug service. You can choose the fan speed auto control when load varies, generator compatible. With this machine you get the emergency power off and a standard RS232 communication port.

Boxer Series UPS Distributor Contact in Nigeria

ACTOLOG SOLUTIONS LTD are the authorized distributors of the Boxer series UPS machine in Africa

Contact : +2347053977576

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