Why does drinking alcohol trigger my anxiety? © Getty Images

Why does drinking alcohol trigger my anxiety?

Still one of the best question that should taking more serious with read down for more details here, as alcohol’s psychological effects depend on our mental state, it enhances our focus on the present and disrupts sleep which can emphasise feelings of anxiety.

The psychological effects of alcohol are complex – it can have both sedative and stimulating effects on the brain, causing either sleepiness or physical arousal. How this manifests from a subjective perspective depends a lot on your mental state at the time, as well as the broader social context.

While a drink can calm your nerves in some situations, lab research shows that it doesn’t help reduce fear of a threat or predicament that you know is coming. If anything, because alcohol can enhance our focus on the present moment, it could trigger your anxiety by making you more preoccupied with whatever you’re currently worried about. Alcohol can also accentuate anxiety by interfering with sleep and leaving you fatigued and feeling less able to cope.

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